Welcome to our AMAZING, FANTASTICAL, MARVELOUS, GENIUS wedding website. No external programmers were hurt in the creation of this website; the website is as original and unique as our wedding will be. This is your one stop information overload shop, with everything you need to know about THE BIG DAY!! Oh my goodness it is actually happening!! If you are reading this it means we would love to have you witness us Taking the Plunge into matrimony.

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Jean here (for the far away friends and family who haven’t met me yet), I am the crazy cat lady who managed to melt Mr Ice King’s heart over there ->.

I LOVE chocolate, books and romantic comedies. I have been known to geek out from time to time with all things super-hero or sci-fi. I don’t like chicken livers, frogs or my feet being dirty. I prefer amethysts over diamonds (yes, really!) and late nights over early mornings. Oh and I managed to successfully clone myself into a mini me (mwwaaaahhhaaahaaa) and I called her Amy.



If you don't know me yet, I have only one thing to ask "What are you doing here?" That being said, if you are really, really interested in what I have to say, read on!

A passion for books (fantasy & sci-fi specifically), games and just about anything geek related. Study up on your superheroes or League champions and you'll survive an evening with me.

Most importantly, I somehow struck it lucky with this
<- sexy lady!

How we met

So this is actually a funny story, and I (Jean) am going to tell it because Werner seems to deny most of the happenings of how we met.

Somewhere in September 2011 a young man with dark hair was introduced to our department as the new programmer. At the time I was going through my divorce (the same man who almost made me swear off men for eternity) but I still noticed the dark haired Adonis standing up front (''n vrou is nie n klip nie). In February 2012 we went away for a work year-end shindig and our groups somehow ended up playing putt-putt together - unfortunately I went on the weekend away with a boyfriend so the timing was not exactly right for it either. Later on in the year I noticed Werner had an iPad and I wanted some inside information (note again... I was still involved with the same boyfriend). He happily helped me with the iPad and some other technological questions I had and from there we started chatting and became friends.

Somewhere in 2012 I found myself single again and Werner and I chatted more often (usually online, after I had a few too many glasses of wine). I noticed feelings for this dark haired mysterious man creeping into my heart and one night the wine decided to tell him that I have feelings for him (once again on an online forum). Now I wish I could say he replied by saying he felt them too… but this is REAL life, not the fairy tales where the man chases the woman. No, this woman had to chase that man. He was just not that into me. So I did what any self-respecting woman would do in my situation… I tried again, and again and again. I gave up on him after what felt like 100 rejections from him and even thought of setting him up with some of my single friends (I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING).

Anyways, so there we were, me in the friend zone and him still single after too many years to count.

Now, here is where things get interesting. One evening I suggested (after obvious hinting that he hadn’t made supper yet) that I come over and I will cook for him and we could watch a movie or something. Those who know me know that I love to cook, especially for my friends. It was totally platonic, I had no ulterior motives, we just got on so well that I loved spending time with him, friend or no friend. So I cooked chicken stir fry and we watched some movie and half way through the movie he looked at me the way friend’s shouldn’t look at each other and he actually kissed me. I quickly realised that the man of my dreams FINALLY liked me back.